Why to use energy saving lamps?

Today everyone understands that it is important to preserve nature and natural resources. Read more how to teach your kids to be eco-friendly. Energy saving lamps for ceiling and wall fixtures... A lot of information (everything from praise and outright advertising up to sharply negative reviews) can be found in various mass media sources. Let us consider whether it is necessary to buy these lamps together with Toronto lighting experts.

We have accustomed to conventional incandescent bulbs with cozy yellowish light. There may be installed in almost every lighting fixture for every taste and purse: ceiling chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, besides light adjusters and other devices were created specially for them. There are even bulbs for every taste - ordinary, mat, halogen ... From the other hand we understand that we have no right to waste the resources given us by nature so bletcherously. Such a replacement is very beneficial not only for energy saving, but for our wallets too.

Main advantages of energy saving lamps
Economy is their main advantage. Indeed, energy-saving lamps consume five times less energy than conventional bulbs. It was proved by results of numerous tests, and it is not an advertising. It is rather good result, don't you think? And if to take into account their service life, which is indicated on the packaging and to calculate the cost of electricity, it turns out that one such lamp saves us several hundred of dollars needed to cover energy bills. Even taking into account its rather high price. And this is only one lamp, and think about several of them installed in the apartment. And if the electricity will go up (who would doubt it?), the savings will be even greater.

However, these lamps have other advantages. First of all, it is worth noting that they do not flicker like regular fluorescent bulbs. Many people notice extremely unpleasant flickering with peripheral vision. And if electricity shortages occur in your district, and you use a battery with a voltage converter, the efficiency of energy saving lamps becomes simply invaluable. By the way, if the voltage in your house is unstable, then normal bulbs light is too dim, while energy-saving bulbs barely notice shots from 160 to 260 volts.

Ronnie Ortiz about energy saving Casa Di Luce ceiling lamps offered to Toronto customers.

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