The techniques of dealing with bed bugs

Even if you have hired a specialized company for pest control there is a variety of additional methods of fight with bed bugs, which you can apply to make sure that bed bugs are exterminated and will not come back.

Also it is very important to use Eco-friendly methods to avoid the harm to the nature!

The application of heat

You can use the washing machine and dryer to kill bed bugs, that have settled in your clothes. Clothes should be washed in hot water and dried in an electric oven at 50 degrees Celsius. Twenty minutes of such drying is enough to exterminate bed bugs at all stages of growth. If you are not sure what temperature can, ask the service technician to check it for you.

You can also sterilize curtains and other textiles like carpets, footwear, bags, stuffed animals and other objects like them by drying for 30 minutes at the maximum temperature.

Application of cold

Low temperatures is another effective method of dealing with bed bugs. If bed bugs are long enough exposed to the cold, they will die. If you place infected objects in a freezer at a temperature of -17 degrees Celsius, the bugs will die within 7-10 days.

Specialized case

Case refers to a coating that seals the mattress or unit with springs. It creates a barrier that prevents the spread of bed bugs. Despite the fact that the case can be infected, it is possible only from the outside and is easy to detect. The cases are useful when you want to protect the mattress, which is free from bugs (was heat-treated or you have purchased a new one). You can also use cases for infested mattresses, which allow the use of an infected mattress, protecting it from bugs in it. Make sure that you are buying cases that are designed to protect against bed bugs. You can buy such a case in the store of the company pest control or in retail shops.

Hopefully this methods you will find interesting!

Ashley Ramsey, independent blogger and pest control expert with the information provided by talks about bed bugs in Edmonton and describes the Eco-friendly ways to exterminate them.

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