Teach kids to be eco-friendly

Teaching your kids important messages about life could never have been easier than with nursery rhyme dvd that are bound to have kids riveted and keep them learning at the same time. Eco-friendliness is one of those things that are required to understand the modern condition and you can use rhymes for kids as a means to teach that. Any topic in the rhyme can trigger a discussion with your children about the environment. If you are singing about animals you can explain to your child that many animals are endangered today and enumerate what can be done to reverse the situation. If the song or kid videos are about picking flowers you can explain to your kids that in the city it's important to respect greenery and flowerbeds that freshen the air and life up our moods. As you go along you can come up with your own songs about things you find important. Be creative and the basics of ecology can become a basis for good rhymes. You can come up with stories about zoo animals and their natural habitat, make songs about saving water or rhyming rules for sorting garbage. with kids it's always about fun so keep it cool and fresh and they will be likely to have more interest in being eco-friendly.

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