More opportunities for working moms

Motherhood is one of those life-changing experiences that make people very different from what they were before. It is very empowering to be a mother, to be able to give life to another human being and help this new person thrive and explore the world. Breastfeeding should be part and parcel of every motherhood, and today this is recognized in most countries of the world as something normal and necessary. Laws change in order to help women to breastfeed without sacrificing their careers or studies. With comfortable nursing tops, flexible job schedules for busy moms and solid medical support more and more women continue to breastfeed while working. Most employers in the West are obliged to give young moms a portion of their work time to attend to their babies and this, together with the latest designs in breastfeeding tops, is making it much easier for women to fulfill both roles in life. It is not easy to achieve success in both spheres but with some persistence everything is possible, especially if the woman is determined to give her child the best nutrition and development in life without neglecting her own interests and aspirations. And chances are the more women succeed in this, the more will be willing to follow in their footsteps.

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