More Green Ideas - Choosing Where to Place Your Living Walls

Living walls are a great way to add some plants to your home in bold, dramatic style without using up a lot of room. Quite simply, modular living walls allow you to use the wall space of your home to create vertical gardens. Pouches or containers are attached directly to the wall and plants are planted inside these containers. The result is a lush green wall that looks perfectly organic, a part of your home. Wall gardens are hot right now, and they are popping up in apartments, urban gardens, rooftop gardens, balconies, and houses across the country. If you want to try your hand at vertical gardening, you will need to get containers first. Woolly Wallys are a great and affordable solution that can be custom-installed into your home. You simply buy these pouches and attach them to your walls to create quick vertical gardens. You can also hire a carpenter with experience to create vertical gardens in your home, although this usually takes time and costs more than the Woolly Wally solution. Once you have your green wall containers, you will need to decide where to place your wall gardens. You can place your gardens both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, look for areas that have at least some lighting. Consider what sorts of plants you might want to add to your green wall. Areas close to east or west facing windows generally receive more light. You will want to place sun-hungry plants here. Keep in mind that if you are building green walls that go almost floor to ceiling, the flowers closer to the floor will see less light, so select plants that thrive in shady or partially shady conditions for these containers. If you're not sure how much light your home gets, open your windows for one week and check each room four times a day. Which room is brightest? Are all the rooms bright or dim? Get a temperature and moisture gauge for your home and test to see what the relative temperature and moisture level of your home is. Keep in mind that some plants enjoy warmth and moisture while others flourish in more arid conditions. Take written information about your homes moisture levels, temperature, and lighting with you to a good nursery. Staff will be able to help you pick out plants that will thrive in your vertical gardens in your unique conditions. When selecting plants, keep in mind that you can select full-grown plants if you have created your living walls from Woolly Wallys. In fact, selecting full-grown plants gives you an instantly lush and gorgeous living wall you can enjoy at once.

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