Going green is a must

It is world-known that going green is not just great but it saves our planet. Many people ask a question how can a person save the Earth? Easy! It is just necessary to reject the mass production items like cheap furniture articles that are packed into non-reusable bags and packets. There are also many ideas how to save our planet from toxic gases and how to decrease the harmful influence on the environment. First of all, the majority of factories and plants are to be placed outside the cities in order to make the air in the cities a bit more clean. The next step is to organize special events that teach people how to care about the environment, how to throw the litter out, how to use the water resources and so on. In my view it has always been a great idea to organize special "days without cars" in the major cities in the world as this step save the cities from smog and traffic fumes. This is really great for our lungs if at least several days a year driving a car is prohibited or just possible after paying special fees. This makes people think over the necessity to drive a car on this concreate day. If we become used to the fact that more and more measures are to be taken in order to make the Earth the green planet and to save its beauty for the future generations - we will definitely succeed in creating the better place to live. At the same time there are cases when you need to get to JFK and you should use taxi car services but your own care leave at home - you will help the environment to survive.

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