Energy-saving windows for green buildings

The so-called green building is a global trend in modern home construction and accomplishment. Brand new materials were invented, which create harmonious environment to humans and at the same time do no harm to nature. Read more about green building and eco-development ideas generated in partnership with Mississauga experts. Green building is directly interlinked with energy saving or using of renewable sources of energy. Any green building is not complete without energy-saving windows. Every house tending to be called green needs the replacement of conventional windows on energy-saving glass units.

Energy-saving glass takes a special place in the construction industry. Glass unit has higher energy saving properties due to installation of special K or I glass. It is well-known that the largest part of the window is occupied by sealed glass unit. It is from this part of the window depends whether it would be cozy and comfortable at home, or new problems would arise after replacement.

During I-glass manufacturing an ordinary glass is coated with special low emissivity coating on the basis of silver. This procedure is carried out with the use of expensive cathode vacuum equipment. The coatings are not visible to human eye, as their thickness is only a few microns.

K-glass is obtained by hot glass coating with metal oxides using pyrolysis method. To ensure the safety of covering, the glass is installed so that a covered side is located inside the sealed unit, where it is protected from scratches and moisture. Additional heat saving is achieved through filling of unit camera with inert gas.

The advantages of energy saving units
1. The glass regulates heat balance inside the premises, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer, thus the costs of heating and air conditioning are reduced.
2. Single chamber energy-saving glass unit is lighter than ordinary double-chamber window, so the service life of accessories is increased by almost 30%.
3. You will never see condensation on energy-saving glass.
4. Energy-saving glass protects surfaces from fading.

Leah Anderson about the aspects needed to be considered prior to - windows replacement company in Concord and main energy-saving requirements.

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