Energy saving lamps main drawbacks

The first drawback is their price. It is psychologically difficult to pay that price for a simple light bulb. And the belief that it is five times more efficient than usual, does not work.

The second drawback is the color of light. Some people like white light of fluorescent lamps, while others can not tolerate it at all. They do not like the color, even of those lamps that mimic the familiar yellow.

The third drawback - forget about the use of dimmers. They do not work with energy saving lamps. However, there are lamps, which are half-activated after the first flick, and full-activated after the second one. But this does not solve the problem of those, who have arranged a beautiful ceiling with two groups of lamps to create interesting lighting effects.

The fourth drawback- these lamps contain mercury. However, they contain 1000 times less mercury than conventional medical thermometer. However, the evaporation of mercury is a strong poison, and if the lamp is broken in your room, it is important to take proper actions. Read more why to use energy saving lamps.

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