Unfounded rumors about energy-efficient windows

Rumor #1. The coating on the glass is short-lived and quickly worn down. It is not so as energy-saving coating is inside the unit filled with an inert gas, so the covering is securely protected from contact with moisture and air.

Rumor #2. Window plants do not grow because of energy-efficient double-glazed windows. Another mistake. No one has ever conducted researches on this topic and actually, there is no need for them at all. Photosynthesis in plants occurs during absorption of a sun light, and energy saving glazing does not reflect the sunlight, but an infrared radiation. Therefore energy-saving glass can not affect the process of houseplants growth.

Rumor #3. The price on energy-saving windows is high. The price of energy-saving glass is calculated for each window individually, as it depends on the size of the glass, window profile, scope of work, and other factors. Average price for a glass unit with energy-saving glass for a standard window consisting of two sashes is about 200 USD. Find more info about energy-saving windows for green buildings.

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