Change depends on you

The planet is in trouble and everyone seems to know. The next step is to start doing something about it and it sometimes seems that all that is being done is a lot of complaining. The government should do something, the corporations should make the change, the industry should revise their wicked ways, etc. How about stopping this useless rhetoric and starting with changing the way you live YOUR life? Surely it is an effort bigger than talking big, but this world will get nowhere if it doesn't get done. There are plenty of things you can all do for ecology in your small ways. When you do your shopping try buying foods and products marked with eco-friendly or fair-trade stickers. For example, alot of people today buy natural pet products for their cats and dogs. Support organic producers in your area and don't be afraid to pay a little more, after all it's the future of our children we are talking about. Get paper bags when possible, teach your children to be economic with paper, print out only the most necessary documents and use both sides. Try to use public transport, walk or cycle for your daily errands and always sort your trash before taking it out. These are small things and they seem simplistic, but change will happen only when we commit ourselves to doing them.

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