About engagement ring

What is engagement for all of us? Many people will tell you that it symbolizes ever lasting love and purity, devotion and trust. But everything was a bit different in the beginning. And let us discuss possible theories concerning engagement rings. We will discuss pre historic times first. There exists and opinion that men used to tie women around their arms and legs so that she could not escape. After a while a woman was released and if she was not going to run away she would put a cord around one of the fingers and wear it to show that she belongs to somebody. The first people to wear engagement rings on the third finger were Romans. They believed (after Egyptians) that there is a vein in this finger that leads straight to the heart. But the name of the ring was different. Romans called it the ring of Truth, or simply truth ring. If we move to the Middle Ages we will see that diamonds became widespread, especially among extremely rich people. Diamond engagement rings can resist fire, steel and make up the strongest minerals Thus there was a belief that the union between a man and a woman will be unbending. It should be mentioned, that lower classes, could afford them and used two clasped hands faith rings. We delved back into the past and saw a short period of history of the engagement ring. Today its history continues and we have eco-friendly engagement rings! But they will be discussed in the upcoming articles

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